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 Child Support

Columbus Child Support Attorneys Represent Parents Who Live Apart

Accomplished Indiana family lawyers assist recipient and paying parties  

For effective representation in child support matters, you can rely on the experienced family lawyers at Thomasson, Guthrie, Schuh-Ogle & Happel, P.C. in Columbus. We assist paying and recipient parents who no longer live together and must share the responsibility of meeting the financial needs of the children they share. Our south central Indiana firm handles situations where orders are being developed as well as modification and enforcement proceedings.

Dedicated advisers outline legal standards pertaining to child support

Our accomplished family law attorneys represent paying and receiving parents during child support discussions and disputes. To help you avoid unpleasant surprises, we make sure that you are familiar with child support:

  • Factors — Indiana employs a formula that serves as a basis for child support rates. Factors that are considered include the income earned by each parent as well as what each parent contributes to health insurance premiums and day-care costs. Alimony payments associated with previous marriages might also affect the child support determination.
  • Duration — Under state law, mandated child support ends when a son or daughter turns 19. However, the parent’s obligation to pay post-secondary education expenses still exists if it is established prior to the emancipation. When an 18-year-old is self-supporting or has been out of school for at least four months, the youth can be emancipated, ending the noncustodial parent’s child support requirement. There are also other circumstances where a child under the age of 19 can be emancipated. Contact us at Thomasson, Guthrie, Schuh-Ogle & Happel, P.C. for details.

When one parent has primary residential custody, the other will typically be required to make payments to cover their share of household expenses and other costs inherent to raising the child. 

Proven litigators advocate for parents during enforcement proceedings

Child support orders must be honored even if the paying parent believes that the receiving parent is violating the terms of the couple’s child custody arrangement. If you haven’t received a full timely payment, it’s important to take prompt action so your son or daughter’s welfare is not put at risk. To help secure the mandated funds, income can be withheld, a driver’s or professional license can be suspended and a nonpayer might even be criminally charged. 

Skillful lawyers assist with child support modification actions

A substantial change that affects the fairness of a child support order can lead the court to approve a modification. This might occur if one parent loses their job or experiences a significant pay increase. To petition for a modification, the previous order must have, (1) been in effect for 12 months or longer and the child support obligation must increase or decrease by 20 percent, or (2) there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the previous order to justify a modification. Should you believe that your situation warrants a child support modification, or if you are opposing a revision to the existing rate, our firm offers effective counsel.  

Contact a thorough attorney to discuss your Indiana child support matter 

Thomasson, Guthrie, Schuh-Ogle & Happel, P.C. in Columbus advocates for parents in a full range of Indiana child support proceedings, including actions seeking the modification or enforcement of existing orders.  Please call 812-565-5041 or contact us online for an appointment.