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Experienced Columbus Divorce Lawyers Provide Strong Guidance

Indiana attorneys advise on property division, alimony and other matters

Handling your divorce correctly gives you the best chance to overcome a tough time and move ahead with your finances and emotional well-being intact. Located in Columbus, Thomasson, Guthrie, Schuh-Ogle & Happel, P.C. advises south central Indiana clients who are ending their marriage. Whether your breakup is amicable or marked by anger, we assist on a full range of important concerns, such as addressing custody, child support, property distribution and spousal maintenance.

Established family law firm assists with the marriage dissolution process

During a divorce, our experienced family law attorneys help clients understand key laws and relevant issues at the outset of their case, including:  

  • No-fault divorce — Most Indiana divorces are granted on a no-fault basis. This means that the marriage is dissolved because it is irretrievably broken, not because either spouse has committed misconduct such as adultery.
  • Residency requirements — To file for divorce, at least one spouse must have lived in the state for six months and within the county for three months.
  • Divorce with agreement on all issues — When both sides can reach consensus on all marriage dissolution terms, our firm prepares the necessary documents for a divorce with agreement on all issues. This can greatly reduce the time, money and stress associated with the divorce process.

Whether your union was childless or there are serious disagreements about custody, we’ll give you a clear perspective on your legal options. Our firm also advises on the particular considerations that might affect same-sex divorces.

Dedicated advocates work to achieve an appropriate division of property

As residents of an equitable distribution state, Indiana couples who cannot agree on how to divide marital assets and debts are subject to the property division terms that the judge believes to be fair. After a detailed review of your situation, we explain which items are included within this marital property distribution. In negotiations, mediation and litigation, our attorneys examine the value of key assets, such as the marital home, bank accounts, investments, pension plans and business shares. From there, we pursue a resolution that leaves in you in the best possible position going forward.

Skillful litigators protect clients’ interests in spousal maintenance disputes

What many call alimony is referred to as spousal maintenance under state law. Payments can be granted on a temporary basis while the divorce is pending in addition to the period after the marriage ends. Courts might award spousal maintenance to a wife or husband who cannot meet their own financial needs due to a physical or mental incapacity, or one who cannot work outside the home because he or she is the custodial parent to a disabled child. If a spouse has not held a job for an extended period, rehabilitative maintenance could be ordered for the amount of time it takes for them to gain the skills or education needed to secure appropriate employment.

Compassionate lawyers handle child custody and support proceedings

Parents who break up are obligated to make every effort to establish child custody arrangements that truly are in the best interests of their son or daughter. Through close communication and a detailed understanding of the situation, we work to set forth clear, appropriate terms relating to legal authority, residence and visitation schedules. Our firm also assists on a full range of child support concerns, including modification petitions and matters where a noncustodial parent is accused of not making required payments.

Contact an effective Indiana divorce attorney to arrange a meeting   

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