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 Estate Planning

Columbus, Indiana Estate Planning Lawyers Prepare Wills and Trusts

Seasoned attorneys help clients safeguard and distribute property

The knowledgeable estate planning attorneys at Thomasson, Guthrie, Schuh-Ogle & Happel, P.C. in Columbus advise south central Indiana clients on the best ways to preserve their assets and protect their family members. Using wills, trusts and other legal instruments, our firm gives legal force to the intentions of clients throughout the area. We also assist with guardianship instructions and petitions designed to assist children and disabled adults who require help handling personal and financial matters. 

Thorough legal counselors offer comprehensive estate guidance

Creating a will might raise various financial and emotional issues. It’s not surprising that some people attempt to delay the process or try to convince themselves that they aren’t wealthy enough to need one. As responsive legal counselors, we are ready to address key questions and issues you have such as:

  • What is estate planning? — Comprehensive estate planning uses a variety of legal methods to establish enforceable instructions regarding a client’s assets, medical care and other critical concerns. Through wills, trusts, advance medical directives, guardianship instructions and other types of plans, we help our clients maintain control rather than leaving matters up to state intestacy laws or setting the stage for confusion and conflicts among family members.  
  • How do I handle specific concerns? — Unlike impersonal forms or programs that force you to shape your objectives into a pre-arranged document, we start with a conversation about what you want and then develop a multifaceted strategy to accomplish your goals.
  • Preparing for life changes — No one can be certain of what is to come, but you can help yourself and the people closest to you manage life changes successfully by drafting a framework for the transfer of your assets, business succession and other transitions.

Developing a will can seem a difficult task, but with our assistance, you’ll complete a document that gives you peace of mind for years to come. 

Respected firm creates trusts to hold and transfer assets

Our knowledgeable attorneys can discuss the benefits that trusts offer. Some people opt to place the bulk of their assets into a living trust that can be accessed, revised or revoked at any time. Once the individual who created the trust dies, the remaining funds and property go to the beneficiaries that he or she designated without the delay associated with the probate process. If you are considering establishing a trust to avoid probate, meet the financial needs of a loved one with special needs, fund a charitable cause or just to direct how your assets are used, our firm can help you understand the details and make an informed decision.

Attorneys advise on guardianships for children and disabled adults

Parents of minor children and people who have responsibility for the well-being of a disabled adult are compelled to make important decisions concerning legal guardianship. As part of estate planning, drafting clear, thoughtful instructions regarding who should raise a child should he or she become orphaned can provide a guidepost if an unexpected tragedy occurs. We provide compassionate guidance with these matters in addition to guardianship proceedings where someone petitions to name a loved one as their legal ward because the proposed ward is being mistreated or is unable to care for themselves properly.  A court can create a guardianship of the person where the guardian has control over day-to-day functions and critical choices such as medical care. There is also guardianship of the estate, which allows the guardian to manage the financial affairs of a protected person.

Contact an established Indiana lawyer to discuss your estate planning goals 

Thomasson, Guthrie, Schuh-Ogle & Happel, P.C. in Columbus assists Indiana residents and their families with various estate planning tasks, including the creation of wills and trusts. For an appointment regarding your specific objectives and how to achieve them, please call 812-565-5041 or contact us online