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 Child Custody

Columbus Child Custody Lawyers Aim to Create a Healthy Environment

Indiana attorneys negotiate terms addressing residence and parenting time 

In a divorce, parents of minor children should always focus on creating an environment where their sons and daughters can thrive. Thomasson, Guthrie, Schuh-Ogle & Happel, P.C. in Columbus works diligently to formalize child custody and parenting time plans for Indiana families who are facing a traumatic breakup. Whether the parties agree on just about everything or disputes appear headed for a judicial resolution, our firm offers comprehensive support to clients and their children.

Dedicated firm works to establish fair terms on parental authority

As seasoned Indiana family law attorneys, we share what we’ve learned with clients who are looking for effective, long-term solutions relating to:

  • Physical custody — Where a child resides after his or her parents break up is often a highly contested question. Our attorneys look at parental fitness, the surroundings in each home, educational opportunities, the young person’s routine and any allegations of negligence, abuse or addiction when proposing a physical custody arrangement.
  • Legal custody — Parents who live apart frequently share legal custody so that each has a say in decisions that affect their child’s upbringing, such as medical, educational and religious choices.
  • Joint and sole arrangements — Legal and physical custody can be granted jointly to both parents or solely to one or the other. Even if one parent is given primary control over legal authority or where the child lives, the other parent usually will have the right to visitation and timely communication about important matters. 

Should a custody or parenting time determination go before the judge, factors that can go into the determining what is in a child’s best interests include the relationships between the child and each parent, the health of everyone involved, adjustments that might need to be made in a new school or community and the child’s preference if he or she is sufficiently mature.

Effective advocates handle custody modification and relocation petitions

Custody, parenting time and child support terms often need to change to fit shifting circumstances and priorities. Should a dispute exist, we argue on behalf of parents about the specific effects that a proposed modification will have on the young person. Some of the most difficult modification requests arise when a parent seeks to relocate to a location that makes it tougher for the other parent to spend time with their son or daughter. Recent changes to the law set strict deadlines and notice requirements if a parent seeks judicial approval to move with their child over their co-parent’s objection. To avoid bitter disagreements that could hurt your child, we attempt to discuss these matters informally among the parties before going to the court for a ruling.   

Thorough legal counselors advise on visitation schedules

Indiana’s parenting time guidelines were drafted on the principle that it is “usually in a child’s best interest to have frequent, meaningful contact with each parent.” As seasoned family law attorneys, we strive to find creative ways to accomplish this objective whenever possible and to tailor language regarding visitation, transportation, vacation time and other scheduling concerns in a manner that respects everyone’s needs and well-being.

Determined litigators seek to enforce orders when violations occur

Intentional or repeated transgression involving custody or parenting time should be treated seriously. When your co-parent does not follow the rules, we can use a variety of methods to resolve the situation.

Contact a seasoned Indiana family lawyer for assistance with a child custody issue 

Thomasson, Guthrie, Schuh-Ogle & Happel, P.C. provides legal counsel to Indiana parents on a wide array of child custody and visitation matters. For a consultation at our Columbus office, please call 812-565-5041 or contact us online.